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New Portal: Everything Nordic Martech

Newsworthy news? You better believe it! The market's most complete overview of Nordic martech, has been launched. At NDR we are absolutely thrilled to see such a relevant initiative with the goal "to make it easier to be a marketing manager, online store manager, or tech entrepreneur".

At launch, the portal contains more than 500 martech companies, in addition to a number of payment providers, logistics companies, agencies and investors. With this valuable work, we now see the beginning of that important one-stop source of everything martech in the Nordics.

Wise To Work With Local Partners

Martech24 founder, Ole Martin N. Evensmo, explains:

"Nordic martech companies consistently maintain a high international level. We want to bring this to the market better. Partly because we think you can be a little patriotic, but also because we think it is in many contexts strategically wise to work with local partners. At the same time, we must acknowledge that there is good technology outside the Nordic region as well. In some cases, we have therefore added global companies. An example is Hubspot, which has become incredibly popular and is now also used by many successful agencies."

NDR is the local partner throughout the Nordics who knows your local market(s) and indeed your local audience(s). In partnership with the targeting platform, we help you identify geographical hot spots with the highest concentration of relevant audiences to you/your clients - without collecting private user data through cookies or IDs.

In other words, we help you/your clients build trust in the brand by showing deep respect for consumers' private data and other online identifiers.

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As always, give us a call or email for a talk about your data strategy and audience & reach.


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