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Mosaic™: Unlocking Lifestyles in the Nordics

Ethical and effective digital marketing is the key to consumers' trust. Practising privacy is part of reaching the attractive Nordic market where consumers expect brands to work with laser precision AND privacy in their digital marketing. Enter Mosaic™: The world's leading market segmentation solution, providing advertisers with high-precision data in over 30 countries.

With Mosaic™'s insights into consumer lifestyles and Nordic Data Resources' safe data on neighbourhoods, brands can create targeted marketing campaigns that reach their Nordic audiences with laser precision.

Marketers who understand the intersection of where people live and how they live will be the ones who succeed in the future.

Dig into our new white paper: Mosaic™: Unlocking Lifestyles in the Nordics to get familiar with geo-demographic segmentation and how NDR handles marketers' need for Nordic lifestyle fingerprints turned into actionable advertising data.

Also see our earlier paper, From Coffee Shops to Condos, which highlights lifestyle's importance in understanding buying behaviour.

Mosaic™ is not just a Tool

Mosaic™ is nothing less than a revolution in geodemographic household classification.

Mosaic™ meticulously segments consumers based on their geographical location and demographic details, providing a multi-faceted view of consumer behaviour, preferences, and potential buying triggers.

Mosaic™ Modelling

Mosaic™ marketing is a strategic approach to advertising that uses a person's lifestyle - eg. values, interests, affluence - to connect with them with full respect for privacy.

It is about understanding, not just relying on standard categories of eg. age, gender, and income.

With predictive modelling, powered by Mosaic™, anticipatory marketing is real and allows brands to stay one step ahead of their customers!

Examples of how to use Mosaic™:

  • Audience segmentation: Mosaic™ helps you divide audiences into smaller groups based on location, demographics, and lifestyle characteristics.

  • Content creation: Mosaic™ helps you create content that resonates with your audiences.

  • Channel selection: Mosaic™ helps you identify the best channels to reach your audience segments. Performance measurement: Mosaic™ helps you track and analyze the results of your digital marketing campaigns.

How to get Started?

Please dig into "Mosaic™: Unlocking Lifestyles in the Nordics": Download pdf or read it online. Consider booking a short demo of the targeting tool

Please reach out to our team with an email to Gunnar Kihl or Göran Eklöf and we get back to you in a flash!


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