New Privacy Leaders emerge

The latest article in Street Fight’s Pursuing Privacy series comments on the implementation of California’s newest data privacy regulations (CCPA).

Main conclusions points to the new emerging leaders being supportive of a move for greater transparency & user control over how their data are used.

"Technology companies must manage customer data the way their customers expect them to manage it. Firms that do this can expect to come out winners in this new battleground, and those that do not can expect to experience severe pushback from both consumers and regulators in the coming years."

- As Privacy Regulations Shake Out, New Winners Emerge

Privacy frontrunners

The privacy trend is not new in EU, but consumer awareness and legal regulations are growing globally.

NDR is among the privacy front-runners! We are build on a culture that respects data privacy. Our ID-Free Targeting solution lets your organization guarantee that all your marketing channels & platforms are based on not collecting & storing personal consumer data.

Privacy integration in the words of industry giants like: