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Spain joins the privacy safe targeting world

As proud data-partner with the IDFree platform, we are excited to be part of the continued growth and development of the driving digital omnichannel solution for modern marketers.

In partnership with we are among the leading providers of valuable data on social-demographics and consumer consumption patterns. For Spanish marketers, this is a visionary game changer where they are now able to safely, effectively, and easily target audiences all over Spain - without snooping on private data.

IDFree visionaries

The IDFree model, approach, and partnerships allow modern marketers to segment customers into meaningful profiles, map the profiles to the CRM data, and use the segments in true digital omnichannel.

The IDFree platform is seamlessly integrated with the activation partners: DV360, Adform, BidTheatre, smartclip, Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Outdoor & Digital Out-of-home, Addressable TV - and many more SSPs and DSPs are on their way.

Per Kristian Tandberg, Managing Director at Global Data Resources (owner & developer of IDFree), sends a warm welcome to advertisers and agencies in one of Europe's most influential countries:

"We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Spanish marketers to our IDFree omnichannel platform where campaign audiences are built, validated, and activated in a transparent data model. With our data partners we can now help Spanish advertisers and agencies get reach as well as social, demographic, interest, and purchase intent. As we are already used by big EMEA brands in automobile, travel, betting, retail, real estate, entertainment, and many others, we are ready & eager to open talks about our targeting services to brands and agencies in Spain.

You are very welcome to reach out to our experienced team for a casual talk about digital omnichannel targeting in the Nordics - please see Contact page.


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