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Two of the Nordic's largest e-commerce platforms in one

One year ago, the Norwegian e-commerce platforms Jetshop and Storm Commerce merged. Today, the new name is Norce and the market share place the company as the largest Nordic SaaS company in digital commerce. Globally, digital advertising spend grew by over 60% in the past year, and it is only set to increase in 2022, according to AdAge, and both B2C and B2B e-commerce platforms are where you can hear the "Voice of the Customer" the loudest.

Composable Commerce

With over 100 employees in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Oslo and Gdansk, Norce wants to be the first choice when companies need a new solution for e-commerce. In a press release, it is stated that the company's focus is on flexible, modular SaaS services, so-called "composable commerce".

"We challenge the monolithic, closed platforms with our modular approach and all services we offer are real SaaS, real cloud services. It gives our customers the opportunity to implement complete infrastructure for digital commerce with clearly higher returns than before."

- Fredrik Hedblom, CEO of Norce

Enriched Audience Data In The Nordics

If you/your clients are looking to establish an ad presence/campaigns in the fast-growing digital Nordic landscape, you are very welcome to reach out to us.

NDR is here to help you respectfully build and reach your unique audience in the Nordics. We offer predefined audience packs as well as support from our team to build a privacy-first data strategy to launch campaigns in sync with next-generation non-intrusive targeting.


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