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Valentine's Day: Privacy is Caring

Happy Valentine's Day ❤️ We hope you walk around with hearts in your eyes. Unromantic as it sounds tho, privacy is better than chocolate!

Cookieless challenges

Advertisers think in audiences, and collecting and sharing data from 3. party cookies has long been the way to marketing personalisation.

Today though, we can and must deal with the realities of consumer demands for both increasingly personalized content and more robust protection of their personal data by taking what Gartner calls "a holistic approach to data capture". See more: New Privacy Leaders Emerge

Have a look at how NDR builds the right audiences with our ID-Free Targeting solution - it works on all marketing channels and on all platforms!

Takedown Privacy Chicken

Since it's Friday and Valentine's Day all in one, we hope you're in for a fun day! To help you along, try out the Privacy Chicken Game by The New York Times - who has launched a monthslong Privacy Project.

As they say: It’s easy to win! Just give up your personal information. Or are you too chicken?

We admit to only reaching level 3 - how far did you get?


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