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Kantar unlocks category doors

In a series of category-specific media touchpoint investigations, Kantar Insights has proved how media effectiveness varies across categories. One recurring theme is that brands should not rely too heavily on any one type of media.

"During 2020 we’ve published seven category-specific media effectiveness investigations covering Food & Drink, Tech & Telco, Alcohol, Finance, Personal Care & Beauty, Automotive and Retail. Through this process we’ve discovered that each of these category doors has its own media effectiveness keys, but there are also a few master keys which unlock impact and effectiveness across all categories."
"Another key learning is that around 75% of total brand impact comes from non-paid touchpoints (including product experience and word of mouth) across all categories."

Brand impact

In the Kantar Connect database it's shown that 20% of touchpoints typically create 80% of total brand impact.

But as there isn’t one single solution when it comes to the right touchpoint mix, each brand must identify what works for their category and country, their positioning and brand situation.

NDR support the omnichannel basis of the Kantar learnings. Our IDFree targeting platform allows brands to research, identify, and test categories and countries combinations before pushing to each and all channels.

Please reach out to us : we set up a personal account for you/your team in no time.


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