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Location-Based is the new Black

As Google gradually phases out third-party cookies, and the Safari and Firefox browsers already blocking it, Proximity and Location-Based Marketing is the hot topic as an alternative to the creepy tracking of consumers' private data.


NDR is based on Privacy-By-Design, and we know the "deep, down and dirty" on how to create geo-targeting with reach and with complete respect of user privacy.

Our ID-free targeting system does not collect or store individual data and is based on reaching audience neighborhoods - on all platforms and across all marketing channels - including Social Media and IOS/Safari/Firefox.

Barrett Wainscott points to the broad target locations on his Northwood blog:

"Social media platforms insist on geo-fencing areas broader than an advertiser might prefer in a location-based campaign. The Facebook and Instagram minimum target location, for example, is a 1-mile radius around a specific point."

We solve this challenge of reach by providing Longitude & Latitude coordinates within the audience neighborhood(s) - see our free paper Why Neighborhoods Matter. Therefore, our clients walk the talk on a new path to building audiences with precise reach while complying with consumer privacy.

Please reach out to your local NDR rep - or use our Contact form - to hear more about how our ID-free targeting can set you apart as a conscious & respectful marketeer.


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